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Experience Unik is the cration of Marie-Josée Chénier, a native of Sarsfield, a small village east of Ottawa. Growing up on a dairy farm with her parents and two sisters, she discovered her love for animals at a young age.


After earning her diploma in specialized education in 1996, Marie-Josée spent 20 years working in a school environment, with children with special needs. In 2016, she contributed her expertise to the Treatment Center for Children and Adolescents at Emerging Minds, where she served for one year. 


This professional path therefore enabled Marie-Josée to gather a wealth of experience, allowing her to start her own business. In 2017, she obtained a certification in zootherapy and she officially launched “Experience Unik”.


Marie-Josée's goal is to help families facing challenges, from children to adults, by providing on-site services, and various locations, including schools, daycares, elderly residences, and more.

The Origin of Experience Unik


Our Misson

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Our mission at Experience Unik is to offer bilingual respite, zootherapy, day camps, and animal visit services throughout the Eastern Ottawa region. We strive to positively influence the lives of families, spanning from children to adults, irrespective of their circumstances. Whether navigating through unique challenges or seeking enriching experiences, we extend a heartfelt welcome in a family-oriented atmosphere. Furthermore, we collaborate with numerous establishments in the region to provide diverse opportunities for everyone to enjoy meaningful interactions with animals.


Our Role

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Our role is to establish a bond of trust and respect with each of our clients to develop their strengths, interests, while providing them with a calm, safe, and enjoyable environment. We also offer stimulating activities and programs tailored to their needs. Additionally, we warmly welcome anyone from the region who wishes to visit our place and enjoy our services.

Our Team

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Our team is made up of bilingual speakers, students, and dedicated volunteers, each playing a unique role in ensuring the seamless operation of our Unik services. Every team member contributes their skills and commitment, collectively fostering the excellence that defines our services.

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Our Clientele

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We are thrilled to announce that Experience Unik has evolved to embrace a broader clientele. 

We are now accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and abilities, fostering an environment where everyone can unite, revel in nature's beauty, and cherish meaningful interactions with animals. While our roots remain firmly grounded in supporting individuals with special needs, we are excited to extend our warm invitation to:

Everyone in the community:

Residents of the community and surrounding areas



Retirement Homes

& More...

Individuals across all age groups facing various challenges, including disorders such as:






Mental Health


Marie-Josée Chénier

Special Education Teacher


Certified in Animal-Assisted Therapy


Extensive experience working with individuals with special needs, particularly autistic clients

Valérie Villeneuve

Bachelor of Social Sciences

Diploma in Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice Techniques

Extensive experience working with children in daycare settings, as well as serving as a program assistant for youth with special needs.

Background in equine-assisted therapy / zootherapy.

Marc Chénier


Property Management

Animal Caretaker

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Guided tour of our Unik site

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Nestled in Hammond (2838, Nolan Rd. Hammond, ON.), our Unik location boats a charming setting that includes the Unik House, our small farmhouse, our animals, inviting picnic and play areas, and scenic trails. Clients enjoy full access to these amenities.

Our UNIK Site

Our UNIK Animals

Contact us to make an appointment to access our services

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